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Thread: Nova Wiring - Info and diagrams

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    Nova Wiring - Info and diagrams

    In order to keep track of the wiring on my car I decided to scan all the notes and diagrams I had that were used during the wiring process. Most of the info comes straight out of the Nova modifications manual to which I have added my notes relevant to my own particular car and snippets of info I have collected elsewhere. However, the information may be useful for anyone else contemplating wiring their car in future so I thought I would post a link to it here:-
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    That's really helpful Phill ... thanks for sharing!


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    Good detailed info there - useful thanks.
    It even has recommended wire thickness (cross-section) for some curcuits - nice.
    I also like the idea of including spare wires in the loom length for things you don't know you need yet.

    I assume that the original article was written by (former Nova Club head) David Isles,
    some pics had the MG Logo which is Martin Gray, Club secretary a gazillion years ago.

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