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Thread: Revised lift arms

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    Revised lift arms

    Not to steal anything from Brett, as his fabrication is quite top notch, but we are going to re-introduce a new lifting mechanism. With the acquisition of the company, and an acquisition of a Sovran (purely for research, of course), we plan to reintroduce "Sovran technology" into the lineup of parts. One of which will be a Sovran style canopy to fit the legacy Sterling bodies. That canopy allows for almost a full inch and a half of extra headroom with a stock pan and seats. The second is the lift arm mechanism. One thing that CCC did really well with the next phase of the company was to address the hinges, and that was to make the actuators hidden as well as to build in a manual release. We plan on having these hinges reproduced and available by the end of the year. I do have a source for the OE electric actuators as well ().. not cheap by any means, so we'll likely leave it up to the builder to decide whether they want the actuators or figure out their own drive mechanism (hydraulic or otherwise). The one thing that will have to be done is a slot will need to be cut into the body to accept the mechanism, much like Brett will have to do on his.

    A video of one of the hinges in motion. Keep in mind it's unloaded - no weight on the hinge, obviously, and the release mechanism doesn't have a cable hooked up, hence a push from a stick

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    very nice & the emergency release is a great Idea.

    What material will you be making them out of?

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    I like the look of them and the release pin is a big plus, getting two pins to pull at exactly the same time may be an issue as I would imagine if one goes just slightly before the other then the loading might make the other jam? , any idea yet on cost and will you be offering it in a stainless version as well.


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    For the moment steel stock. I have no idea on cost as I haven't had time to get a set to a fabricator. As for releasing the pins at the same time - yes, that issue has crossed my mind. I doubt that there would be any binding - the springs are plenty strong - probably the biggest issue would be the possibility of a cracked windshield if the canopy twists. There may be a way to centralize the pull cables on a single rotating axis (think twin carb setup), so that a single twist of a handle would pull both pins at the same time.

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    some strong springs; is the manual release such that the roof doesn't actually lift until you manual push up the roof, i.e. driver pushing taking the place of the actuator lifting?
    I assume the exertion required by both actuator and manual method to much less than present hinges?

    Does the hinge bracketry extend back to support the other end of the long spring, or is this fixed to the body separately?

    Looks a neat solution `¬)

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    There is no manual labor involved, Martin. The actuator does all the work; the springs are the counter-balance to raise the roof if the power fails, at least that's our assumption. We've never seen one in action, so until we actually mount one in a car and test is, we won't know for sure. Still, even if it takes a minor push from the driver, it's better than struggling to lift the entire canopy. Everything is one unit, so the spring and the actuator are connected to the bracket that attaches to the body. This particular unit even has the V shaped piece of metal that locates in the pocket on the body and aids in the support.
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    That's what I meant; if the actuator (power) fails and you do the 'manual release' does it rely on the driver then lightly pushing up to open the canopy; this would be better than having the issue of springs being so strong that you have to release both at the same instant to prevent 'twisting' etc mentioned?

    With the springs fitted and using the actuator, then they will be 'assisting' the actuator such that the actuator doesn't have to work so hard won't they?

    Will be interesting to see how well this works with the canopy weight in place, it may become more obvious.

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    Nice mech, I agree that if the springs were neutral to the canopy weight then very little effort would be needed by the driver or the actuator to lift it and would eliminate to a great extent to pin release load problem.

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    That's what it appears to be, Martin - the springs assist in the lift of the actuator. It's quite the push from the actuator to stretch those things... and one isn't even the OEM. I have to find the correct replacement "weight". I'll be modding my own car to accept these hinges.. as soon as I have that (before Christmas, I hope!) I'll post up the video.

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