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    Based on personal repeat experiences, (I should know better by now) i can categorically say, keep away from "shopify". These are mainly adverts that pop up during games on your mobile or computer. Shopify is a marketing company with thousands of clients, mostly in China, and sell space on their server for 'shops' to sell on. They don't actually sell anything other than web spaceso basically don't give a shit what their clients sell or how.
    They is the home of scammers and crooks. I have bought a few items that turned out to be nothing like the adverts and have raised the matter with shopify and just get a typical reply putting the onus on me to supply them with web address etc so they might take an interest, i rather think they are more interested in the scammers fees than their own integrity.

    there is no such thing as a Radiance A3 frontier watch, (Shop names, Sterdio, Save4you, Venus, Venustech,
    , etc )the video shows the Samsung gear s3 frontier but you receive a very cheap digital watch with none of the advertised features, when one complains you get offered up to $25 refund thereby still selling a $10 watch for $15, lots of YouTube videos about that one.

    Drone A1 works but without a few of the advertised features such as follow, GPS and auto stabilise., camera is also crap. not 1080HD. fly time is 7 to 8 minuets not 40, range is 30 meters not 4 miles. etc. etc.

    Always use PayPal, I did and I always get 100% refund including postage BOTH WAYS.

    There are other examples but I don't want to drone on,
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