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Thread: MoT Exemption - Applicable to Novas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dirk View Post
    DVLA have been told about the engine change and the V5 is correct with CC and engine number as for the MOT status I do not think it is policed in any way, the onus is on the owner, as I have said I could get away with not getting an MOT for ever and it would not be questioned unless I was involved in a serious insurance claim. For me that is not worth the risk.


    Good man re engine number, and I have to agree with you re the 'risk'. I'm doing my best to do a meticulous rebuild of exactly how my Nova was "way back when".

    The garage I use for MOT's does only that ... MOT's (ie no repairs) so I'm confident that I'll get a fair assessment from them.

    It would be bad enough to be involved in a 'damage only' accident like the one you had, but if life and limb was concerned .... I'd want an independent recognised authority's documented assessment. Mind you, the MOT issuers always stress that the condition of the vehicle they assess only relates to the date and time of the test, so in the event of an insurance claim I suspect that the issuer of the MOT would probably use this 'get out clause'!


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    Regards "changes" post registration. apart from the engine number there is nothing saying VW chassis 1968 or whatever, just 2 axle. so one could change the old VW for a modern one, stamp the VW number on it and as far as anyone can swear to that is the chassis for that car, likewise steering, brakes etc, unless it is specified on the V5c there is nothing saying it has to be OEM VW Even the engine number can remain and in the same case but what goes on inside, 1641cc etc is never known. Unlike a production car that does have very specific specifications, body, monocoque chassis, running gear, etc. This is why over here there are firms that will do a Ficha técnica reducida for 50€, (this is the tecnical form needed to register a car on Spanish plates pre (MoT) ITV because they can pull the standard form for a Ford Focus for instance from files, change the chassis, VIN and engine number and bingo, one complete form, now take a kit car!!!! No dimensions, weights, specifications of any kind. oh dear, they would have to get their hands dirty and do it 'old school'.

    So don't worry too much about the none registered things.

    Here all MoTs, the ITV, is done at a ITV centre, so no bumping up a repair bill for "leaking shocks or "cut tyres" etc. as I know goes on in the UK. No vested interest at all.
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    Thanks guys. Fears much allayed
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