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Thread: Sterling windhields and glass

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    Sterling windhields and glass

    Hi all,
    I posted in a related thread, thought it prudent to start a new one just so it's obvious. With SSC gone, I've received a number of emails and messages through Facebook about glass availability. I was able to contact the manufacturer and secure a "dealership" to supply the glass. Windshields are available, and they are working on the side and rear window patterns as we speak.

    I will sell at my cost to whomever needs the glass. Windshield cost at this point is $895 plus freight, and any additions you may require (liftgate residential access, etc.). I will order the glass and invoice the buyer.

    PM or email direct with interest.


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    I'll be needing one of those at some point. Just not sure when. Thanks Rick! This really saves my hide, and build.

    CCC Sterling # 416

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    No problem Nic, glad I can help. Just email me when you're ready.. you may want to get one "just in case", but I don't think this company is going anywhere anytime soon.

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    sorry for the earlier post I was replying in order. Your screens are a bit cheaper than over here.


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