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Thread: Hello from a UK Nova owner

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    Hello from a UK Nova owner

    It's been about 10 years now since I started visiting this forum so I thought I'd introduce myself!

    I have always been inspired by 1960s / 70s prototypes, concept cars when growing up, Bertone
    & Zagato designs etc, so the Nova is of interest to me as that's just how it looks a prototype!

    I have only seen 3 Nova's on the road in my lifetime- one in 1986 at Brentford car auctions, one in
    Kingston Upon Thames in the late eighties and a green one driving towards me in about 2001 (sounds like that's in the future) somewhere near Brighton. When I saw that car I new I had to have one and believe that car to be the Green Machine on here (Lauren's)?

    At the time I owned a Lotus Esprit S3 and used it as a daily driver but didn't consider
    it extreme or low enough (I'm a bit eccentric!) In fact that car was commented on here when spotted at
    Brooklands museum because i had grafted S1 Esprit rear lights onto it - (Better than the Rover items).

    I missed out on buying a light green Nova a few years ago, nearly bought some others but
    a year ago I finally bought a Nova. When it's delivered to your door it gets some curtains twitching!

    I have it running, roof working too, it's solid and needs no welding but needs lots of completing
    and respraying.

    It's registered as a Nova too- X reg.

    I would love an old photo of it as i have no history apart from an old tax disc from the 90s.
    It was red with BBS style wheels and brown interior.

    I'm also a Lamborghini Miura fan and so the colour is going bright orange, tan/cream interior, (pic attached with interior in situ).
    gold side skirts and wheels and I have a set of Miura rear light clusters that are going on
    it too- I'm not creating a replica, just a nod to the Miuras colours.
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    Welcome Novanewbie17 !! ..... even though it's 10 years too late

    We all love photos on the forum, so it would be great if you could start a thread for your Nova in the 'your cars' section and share a few photos to get started.

    Great to see another Nova resurfacing.

    All the best, Alistair

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    Hi NN, welcome to the forum

    I was down Brighton way with the Green Machine but not in 2001 - more like 2009/10. Congratulations on finding a Nova. I like your plans for the car, as you can probably guess I am a Lamborghini fan too. Although the depth of the sills on a Nova could make the gold a little overpowering. Matching wheels obviously?

    I take it you saw the pictures of the gold Nova with Miura-style headlights some years back?

    I think I may have been me that spotted your Esprit at Brookie, I remember commenting on the rear lights... Now that I am a Brooklands Trust member I intend to get over there a bit more often, are you local?

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    Welcome to the forum, Kingston is my neck of the woods (I'm South Wimbledon) and my first car (dolphin green colour) was on the road in the mid-late 80's. If the car you saw was a 2 tone brown it probably belonged to Paul Truman who lived about half a mile from me back then.

    The interior of your car looks impressive, I'd love to know (and see) more...

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    Welcome - what took you so long? Now you must start a new thread all about your car with lots of pictures. It's the law
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    Hi and welcome. You have had your car a year and not started a thread!!, I think it is time you did


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    Thanks for the welcome everyone and yes I have now started a thread.

    Lauren, maybe it was 2010 when I saw your car in Brighton- I also saw yours at Brooklands
    when I took my Lotus there- I'm quite near to Brooklands museum and more recently I saw the blue Nova there with the Lotus engine at the New Years Day meet. That car was the star of the show for me,
    and there were about 2000 other classic cars!

    Steve- I'm sure the Nova I saw in Kingston in the late eighties was darkish green- it was parked at the market one evening.

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    Ah, well it probably was me then. I was doing the kit car London to Brighton run at the time. A really fantastic experience.

    I am very close to getting the Green Machine back on the road after a lengthy sojourn, so hopefully I will be at Auto Italia next year. And there is always the Supercar and Autumn Motorsport days at Brookie later in the year, which I know John Rand (Lotus twin-cam) attends too. Fingers crossed!

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