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Thread: My new(ish) NOVA

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    My new(ish) NOVA


    After finally introducing myself to the forum I have been advised to start a thread- so here goes.
    Sometimes it feels like there isn't much progress but after digging out various photos from when
    I bought it, I can see I have actually done quite a lot! I'm not very methodical and chop and change
    from doing bodywork to interior to engine work.

    Here's the car when I bought it a year ago. Then photos showing progress with the wheels becoming gold, with gold sill panels. Orange bodywork to follow, Miura style colours

    Sill is not fully fitted at this stage

    More photos to follow!
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    Always good to show lots of photos and explain any issues that you find, for someone on this forum would have had the same issue!!
    Enjoy, and keep the updates coming .

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    I take it all back, the gold sill panels look great!

    Miura orange bodywork will set them off beautifully.

    With your car being registered on new plates around 1981, and the general specification of the car I would say that it is an Elam Mk1 like mine (I had the same side repeaters originally). The glazed roof panel looks like it is covering a sunroof panel aperture, does the canopy have the air extractor vents either side of the T-handle depression?

    Loving the look of those front wheels and tyres
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    Hi Novanewbie,

    I recognise your Nova. Keith (Kdnova) on the Forum brought it to our attention. His friend was looking for an idea of it's value on Facebook ....

    Attachment 3339 Attachment 3340

    Badwolf then brought the advert on Gumtree to our attention .... (you need to scroll down to see the advert)

    I really like the red/gold combo ... it suits the Nova!

    Great start to your thread, you're clearly making progress!

    Keep the updates coming,


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    Hi, yes that's the one- Looking at that for sale ad I have come a long way!
    I wonder about who owned it further back though maybe seen it at a show or something.
    It had been on the road as there is a tax disc from the 90s.

    Lauren- yes I believe it is an ADD Mk1, manufactured '69, registered '82 but I couldn't
    see any Dyno tape in the bonnet area and there don't seem to be vents in the roof
    from memory- it's a 70s Britax tilt sunroof (escape hatch) though I can fit through
    the window openings too!

    Some more pics, before deciding on orange I tried Ford Signal green and did a test on the bonnet...

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    Ah, OK, it's a big sunroof (like mine was) rather than the removable fibreglass panel I was thinking of. Only the latter variant had the vents. The expectation was that you would tilt open the glass sunroof for ventilation.

    I think the car is an Elam era Mk1, so would not have the serial number moulded into the bodywork. Instead, the Elams provided an aluminium chassis plate that was pop riveted in the same position as the Dymo tape on the ADD cars. My chassis plate had been removed for some reason, sounds like yours has too.

    I thought about Signal Green too, but found it a bit too "minty" green for my taste. There was an earlier Ford colour that was used on the Mk1 Capri that was a bit more lime green, but I think Miura Orange is an excellent choice!

    I'm liking your local architecture too, apart from the house with all the naff extensions. Very 1960's
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