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Thread: Engine Missfire

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    I had this for 2 years on my Nova, I had to slowly get revs up before pulling away or I would stumble and sometimes stall. I bit the bullet last month and had the carbs overhauled by a guy in Sittingbourne kent. He found lots of water damage inside (car had sat for 4 years out side when I bought it) and the emulsion tubes were not clean enough to allow free flowing fuel through(I cleaned them out myself obviously not that well of a job) I also found inlet head gasket soaked with fuel on one back which I think was letting in air. Since having back on the car it pulls away strong and doesn't hesitate when I blip the throttle, I have used empi throttle gaskets as the alot thicker than standard ones and give better seal.
    . I have two IDF twin webber on my duel port heads, on 009 with electric point's. Works well together. I also upgraded my ignition coil and leads 3 years ago to a flame thrower unit.
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    Been driving the car quite a bit over the last few days and there's definately a big improvement but still some stumbling (hesitancy) now and then. Had it on the Motorway last night and it sat at 80 quite comfortably. Meanwhile I haven't tried any of the other Carbs yet but bought some engine start (ether) spray to check for air leaks and have discovered there is ineed a leak on one of the inlet manifold boots couplings. I'd had them all apart a few weeks ago to check they weren't perished and all seemed good but it would appear one of them isn't sealing properly. Have I finally got to the bottom of this?
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    Lets hope so, Mine was easy, just a tracking HT lead (obvious when in the dark) but you seem to have been through the mill a bit on this one,. A smear of sealant on the suspect area will soon verify your theory.

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