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Thread: Experimental: Mock-up opening side windows

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    The tilt mechanism on a sunroof is an ideal means of venting the cabin to create the airflow needed across the screen to stop misting. Unfortuantely my sunroof doesn't tilt at present - it's either in or our, but I'm thinking of making up some brackets to allow it to tilt so that I can vent the cabin when it's raining without getting wet. Without some form of venting airflow won't occur due to pressure inside the cabin preventing airflow in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueNova View Post
    .... not to mention the age old recurring discussion about sunroofs as a means of escape if the roof lifting mechanism fails.

    Not wishing to start yet another discussion on means of escape, but don't you guys in Sterlings, Eurekas, etc, ever get stuck inside?

    Only once when a battery connection failed. I carried a screwdriver in a pocket just to take out the side window. It worked, but at my advancing age I don't want to do it again...

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