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Thread: JOGR BLAZECUT Automatic Fire Suppression System

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    JOGR BLAZECUT Automatic Fire Suppression System

    JOGR BLAZECUT Automatic Fire Suppression System. Found on youtube, looks to be effective product and a relatively pain-free install (although I don't like the cable ties).

    Any thoughts?

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    Looks interesting, I like the idea of being non interventionist and not having to pull a lever, wave a flame retardant wand, pull out a hand held unit etc...

    My only negative was that the fire has got to get going a fair bit before it burns through the device to release

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    Seems like a good idea. Which reminds me, I keep meaning to buy a Fire Extinguisher to keep inside the car at all times.

    UK re-seller here:-
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    Looks like a very straight forward solution!

    I bought a fire extinguisher for the car many moons ago, but is probably so far out of date as to be useless - one of the problems of it being a 'long term' project! `¬)

    Hopefully this type of thing will still be available when I do get around to finishing the car...

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    I'm very interested in this!

    When my Nova was last on the road I always had a fire extinguisher clipped onto the tunnel just behind the seats. Thankfully, I never had to use it.

    However, if a fire started in the engine bay (the most likely area) and burned through my hydraulics for the canopy (my pump is located on the passenger side above the engine .... but after seeing the video of the fire I think I'll move it to the front of the car beside the battery) then I'd have to clamber out of the sunroof and get round to the back before I could deal with the fire.

    I'm going to add it to my 'to do' list for purchase the day I get my Nova road legal, so that I get the full 5 year benefit of the system.

    Thanks for sharing this Steve!


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    A buddy of mine has a similar item in both of his VW buses. He figures by the time he actually sees the smoke, stops the vehicle and grabs the extinguisher, the system will have already gone off. Pretty cheap insurance. Simple clip type cable clamps could hold it in place.

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