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Thread: Generator warning light

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    That's good news Phill, but I'd be concerned that it might be an intermittent fault .... perhaps a poor connection/poor earth?

    My van had its MOT last month and prior to that the horn wasn't working. Miraculously, a week before the MOT the horn started working again ... and stayed working for the MOT. "Sorted!" I thought. Anyway, about 2 weeks after the MOT it stopped working again. I've not got round to fixing it yet, but I suspect a poor connection/earth.

    Might be worth buying an ammeter/voltmeter and monitoring the charging circuit as you continue to test drive locally. You could get one for around £25.

    Hope the problem's just been a 'blip'!


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    Although I've got 52mm Smiths type ammeter and voltmeter (when I was building the car I put in most available gauges except an altimeter!) I've never been that impressed with them. As a more reliable alternative I fitted one of these:

    It's tucked away in a little housing in the side pocket and does just what it's supposed to. There are slightly bigger alternatives that give an amp output as well...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Phill View Post
    Hi Gaisa - yes that is correct. I found out about it from Alex when I first wired the car and couldn't get the generator to work.

    Peter - you're absolutely right - I really should fit an Alternator but for a weekend toy I'm loathe to keep on spending on parts when what I already have is still working. The voltage regulator is brand new - I bought it when I did the wiring. I'm hoping to coax a bit more life out of the generator but am now a bit reluctant to drive any distance in case it packs in altogether and leaves me stranded with a flat battery. Mind you - even with a faulty generator - I reckon the car should be good for a fair few miles before the battery goes flat assuming I'm not using headlights? And back to my earlier question - should the light go out completely or is a faint flicker normal?
    Hey Phill

    I have 2 x 12volt Dynamos that I don't need, and a regulator too I think, all working as far as I know. You can have one for the cost of the postage (probably about £12 via Hermes) if you want it.

    Also, I think I have a 3 way cigarette socket that was fitted to MicksRedNova tunnel to power all my 'stuff' that includes LEDs that show whether the supply is above, below or at 12 volts. Ideal to show the state of charging.

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    That's very kind of you Mick. However, I'm pretty sure the Dynamo is fine. I've driven a number of miles since and there is no sign of the battery going flat.
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