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Thread: Production numbers

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    Production numbers

    Just for history sake.. does anyone have rough production numbers for each of the Nova variants by chance?

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    I think Phil quoted some numbers in his book.....
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    ADD produced 180 cars.
    Steve Driver and Don Law about 8 cars (these were unofficial copies of the series 1)
    Vic Elam produced a few series 1 before developing the series 2. I don't really know how many were made and my guess was about 820 based on the monthly production figures once claimed multiplied by the number of years trading. However, it was probably an over estimate as they probably never maintained the same levels of production over the years and it certainly tailed off towards the end which is why the busienss folded.
    Sam Cobley produced 15 cars - not sure if you would call them a series 1 or two as they featured aspects of both along with modifications made by Sam
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    Thanks guys! Just dug through your book again Phill - you did have some numbers in the middle that I forgot about :-)

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