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Thread: Hi from South Germany

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    Hi from South Germany

    I'm new here on Euro-Nova and wanna say hi to all. My name is Mario and I'm from Germany (I seem to be the first German here or is there another?) and live near Stuttgart.
    I was looking around for a while now for Novas to sale, but more like dreaming, "what if"-style of looking. About 3 weeks ago I spotted a new Nova offer from an oldtimer dealer. As I looked up how far it was away, I nearly fell off my chair. It was a 10 min ride from where I live and directly across the street of my brother's appartment. So I grabbed the phone, made a date for the next day to have a closer look.
    It was built up on 1969 beetle chassis not sure though if it's a mk1 or mk2 Nova or one of their derivates. Everything seemed to work, canopy, engine, gauges, etc. I spotted no rust, windshield without cracks and so on. It needed some new paint maybe and some minor repairs on the body but all in all a good car and the price was 9900,-€ (approx 9000,-£), so quite affordable. Problem was, all the papers were gone and last time it was registered in the Netherlands. And there was a golf mk2 engine installed instead of the aircooled flat 4.
    So during the next 2 weeks I was talking to my wife (support), to my bank (money) and to all my friends and neighbours (to find a garage, where I could store the Nova). And I was googling how to get new papers. After I answered nearly all questions I called the dealer again this Monday to make a new date for testdriving and price negotiation. But he told me, that it was sold on Saturday...
    Now that I actually sat in a Nova, admired the canopy mechanism, touched the sexy curves, I really want my own Nova now even more...
    So my Nova story just got started. Or not yet? Well, we'll see. There's another Nova for sale in Germany. A red one with a ford V6 (2.0l, 90 HP) and it's a 3 hours ride away. But with all papers, even cheaper (9500€ ~ 8650£) and already confirmed as a historical car (less tax and insurance). So, my dreaming could end soon...

    Cheers Mario

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    Hi Mario welcome to the forum sorry you missed out on the local one (did you get any photos of it)? hopefully you will be luckier with the next one.


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    once bitten by the Nova bug it never leaves you and you have it for life! Good luck with the search

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    Hi and welcome Mario. I hope you get the 2nd car you're going to see and look forward to hearing more from you.
    "The most beautiful kit car in the world - Motor"

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    Welcome to the community. 2Ltr V6 Ford, nice, but not as nice as Mazda 2.5L V6. 500cc more capacity & 2 times power!!!

    Enjoy your new toy and we like lots of pictures this side of the channel.

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    These are some pics of the Nova I missed. Pics were online at the dealer's homepage, except the one that shows me (front) and my brother, who joined my visit.

    And here's the ad for the 2nd Nova, that I haven't visited so far...
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    And of course thanks for the warm welcome

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    Hi Mario,
    Welcome to the forum! I've seen old pictures of the white Nova online before .... but I much prefer the red one! I hope you can close a deal on it soon. Interesting to see a dealer with a Nova, Eagle SS and a Bonito all for sale at the same time.
    est of luck!!

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    Yep. I found old pics too. Even a video on YouTube.
    The red one is actually not from a dealer, it's a liquidation of a private collection. Seems to be an interesting place to be either I buy the Nova or not...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Supermario View Post
    These are some pics of the Nova I missed. Pics were online at the dealer's homepage, except the one that shows me (front) and my brother, who joined my visit.

    And here's the ad for the 2nd Nova, that I haven't visited so far...
    Its a shame you missed the white one, a road going Nova in that condition is a a very rare find. But the red one also looks very complete and some interesting body modifications to make those from light fit. Quite creative.
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