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Thread: Current Nova Prices ?

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    Question Current Nova Prices ?

    I'm new to the forum and to the community in general , I was wondering what the current prices on the Nova are since I've seen them range anywhere from 2 - 20 k and if you think the prices will rise in the near future

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    My Nova has now been valued at more than 30K. At least according to the driver of the van that turned up at my unit today offering to swap me his 2021 reg. Renault Master for the Nova he spotted in the unit. He thought I was kidding when I tried to bite his hand off (The current list price of a lwb Renault Master van is £32,571)....
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    As always, they are worth what the buyer is willing to pay. not what the seller wants.

    From 2k, I have seen them as low as 300. but needs 1000 on a glass before you start. Plus chassis rebuild, (new floors), overhaul rolling chassis anther 2K, engine recon, another 1K, repairs to body, and paint another 1500 and trim, seats, tyres, wheels etc a good 3K so what is one worth.
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