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Thread: Sad News

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    Sad News

    Fellow Nova owners both in the UK and around the world. I have been asked to pass on some very sad news. I do not know the best way to do this so below is part of an email I recieved from James.

    Hi chaps,

    Hello and apologies. Had meant to update you in the last week but life had been manic.

    Wings clipped a little at Horsley HQ. After thinking Sarah was suffering a ruptured gall bladder post hol we sadly learnt her cancer has returned, after 5 years.

    Alas this time not deemed curable as in liver and bones, so treatment is focussed on management and limiting it.

    Obviously devastating news for us and focus turns to doing all we can to reign it back. Sarah ceased work this week and drug treatment started today, radiotherapy next week.

    We are obviously trying at the same time to keep things normal for Martha and avoid concerning her. A balancing act for sure.

    Cheers all,


    For those who know Sarah, you will understand that she doesn't want your sympathy but will welcome "kick ass" messages to help her journey,

    The Bushboy Clan, and other Carfest regulars will know that she is always positive and up for a good fun time.

    I will keep you all posted .

    "Always do what you are afraid to do"
    "I can accept failure, but I can't accept not trying"

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    Thanks for sharing this news with us all Bushboy.

    I've never met Sarah but I know how supportive she's been for James and his Nova antics over the years.

    Sarah, I simply want to send you lots of positive energy to help you to kick cancer's ass as far into the future as you can!

    Alistair x

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    Life can be S H ONE T at times its how we deal with those times that defines us keep up the fight.


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    So sorry to hear this. These things put a whole new perspective on our existance, and make us realise how trivail our day to day worries are...

    My best wishes to Sarah and Jim
    "The most beautiful kit car in the world - Motor"

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    Damn, that is very sad news. Thankfully she has her supportive family around her at this trying time. Pray for the best, plan for the worst and never forget its the journey not the destination, enjoy each and every day with every small pleasure it brings.

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    Wow. Very sorry to hear this.

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    Damn straight - kick cancer's ass... again! While it's devastating and absolutely disheartening news for sure, you (Jim and Sarah) have a vast support network here. Although I've never met you both, strength, support and love being sent from the other side of the pond.

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    I certainly don't want this to sound like a distraction from your situation Jim & Sarah, but I know what you're going through and how downright frightening this is. My wife has been fighting breast cancer since the beginning of the years. I think she's a lot like you Sarah, she didn't want sympathy, just encouraging words and support and wanted to get down to business. I'm happy to say she's been kicking it's arse since day one, as I'm sure you'll continue to do as well.

    As others have said, we've never met, but please know that you have support in the US as well as there at home.

    With Love, Respect and Encouragement,

    Nic and Zora

    CCC Sterling # 416

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    Best wishes to you Jim, Sarah and family.

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    Thanks for the best wishes folks.

    We are a few weeks down now from the shock and initial diagnosis, and Sarah has made good steps forward.

    She is on a monthly regime of treatment and has had some radiotherapy.

    We have also focussed on her drug routine to get her onto lower doses of morphine meaning she has been able to get back behind the wheel in the last week. Important for her independence and keeping things normal for Martha.

    So small steps day by day currently, but doing ok.

    We even got out last night to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary - some of you may remember the enclosed pic!

    Anyhow, just wanted to stop by and say hi and thanks for the kind words

    all the best,

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    All the best,


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