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Thread: Nova with flip front and flip back in Germany for sale

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    Nova with flip front and flip back in Germany for sale

    Found this at (biggest online marketplace for cars here in Germany).

    Has some very interesting mods. Don't like all of them though... And again a high German price.

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    Interesting ... I like the flip front & back.

    Initially I thought the 'high' price was easily justified bearing in mind the work done on the body, but then I saw the pictures taken under the flip front and back ...

    Still, if it was bought at the right price it could be tidied up

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    OMG....not too sure what other comments are valid. Good from far but far from good springs to mind....

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    each to their own...

    shiney on top but not pretty under the skin... seems a bit 'boxey' now though
    but like I said, each to their own!
    not much more I can say without seeming rude!

    ...actually, is it unfinished; the only rear end shot looks rough? (and no real side shots with the flip tops down - wonder why?)
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    Well it shows that it can be done - (not keen on the wooden prop holding the front up!) Never really happy with aerodynamic features like splitters being stuck on with no idea whether they'll exert any kind of useful influence....Looks like the back of the rear wheelarches will attempt to rip it all off anyway!
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    Have to agree, looks great until,,,, what is that crappy lump of a motor? what I call a father car, father away you see it the better.
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