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Thread: 3D CAD Model Nova Body panels.

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    3D CAD Model Nova Body panels.

    So planning out my build and before I plan the time to setup the scanner, prep the body and panels and post process the data, i thought I would ask the question.

    Does anyone already have accurate CAD models of the complete Nova panels and Body?.

    Thanks in advance


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    This has been disccused before and no one has come forward with a set of files. I'm intrigued at what equipment you have available to do a full body scan on a full size car?
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    Something to consider in your build .... according to several folks on here, the body is NOT symmetrical

    So if I were you I'd take lots of measurements of the body you've got, and design the chassis to take that body.


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    Hi Phil,

    I have a suite of tools I pulled together and developed into a package to support the engineering tasks of my day job.

    Basic principle is photogrametry.

    Works very effectively, although pocket details, threaded fixings, mechanisms and interfaces still need good old fashioned manual measurements.

    If nothing exists I will plan to scan.


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    Thanks for the heads up Alistair.

    Unfortunately not uncommon with older cars and generally with kit cars.

    I will see what I find but if it's too far out I will have to correct it as I go.

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    Hi Stuart - certainly no files exist at the level of detail that you will need. And Alistair makes a good point, the Nova dates from a time when symmetry was not common in kit cars (Cox GTM anyone?). The moulded recess for the gas/hydraulic rams is a case in point, one is further forward than the other.

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    I think a lot of people would be interested in seeing some nice 3D cad files of the Nova me included. I have had a play around with some of the free stuff out there and a phone camera on small things (not cars) but the quality is very poor. Lets see some pro stuff.


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    Ooooh! .STL and .OBJ files please!

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