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Thread: 1981 VW Nova Mk1 restoration

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    1981 VW Nova Mk1 restoration

    Here is the other car for restoration

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    Nice update - thanks.
    Looks like you have 2 intact windscreens and any number of spares/parts - good result.
    You've got your work cut out with 2 projects - what about keeping ONE car?
    Keep the best body & parts, sell the other one on?

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    Hi Steve,
    Ideally would only do one build, but don’t want to let the other one go if it is broken up. Not enough Novas about, so would rather get it to a stage when someone would finish it

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    Great that you have the chassis plate - it's an Elam Mk1, just like mine, it even has the same mahoosive glass sunroof. Unfortunately the chassis plate was removed from my car sometime in its past so I can only guess at the date of manufacture...
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    The red one has the nicer wheels, do they both have V5's? if so what do they have on them?
    I understand your sentiment about getting one done enough to sell as a do able project but I think you would spend a lot more than you would get back. Good finished cars with a good V5 tend to go abroad. I I would go with taking the best bits of both and selling the other one on.


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    Hi Dirk,
    Yes they both have V5’s, one is shown as Nova, The other VW Sports.
    The way I am looking at it at the moment is the Mk2 grey one will be built up with a higher spec interior with a few gadgets. The Mk1, will be as original Mk1, with the old side pockets dash pods etc., so a different approach to each really, although this may change.
    This red one is probably going to be easier to work on as the body and canopy is still loose and easy to lift off to get at everything.

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    1981 VW Nova Mk1 restoration

    Must have been on the Club Nova database at some point too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Supanovakit View Post
    Must have been on the Club Nova database at some point too!

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    I don’t have a copy of the old Club Nova database but rest assured I’ve included your 2 Novas in the forthcoming update of the Euro Nova Forum members database.


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    Hi Alistair,
    I have a copy of the database from 1997 to 2002 I think, if you don’t have it le me know

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    Garage all cleared, so now which one to start with? The red one - lift the body off and get the chassis in the garage. Or the grey one - up on the ramps and get the engine out.

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