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Thread: How are things going with the re-launch of Sterling Sports Cars?

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    How are things going with the re-launch of Sterling Sports Cars?

    Quote Originally Posted by letterman7 View Post
    Didn't you say you have relatives here in the States? When we get our overseas shipping company settled in, send the car over and move in with the relatives. Keep the place in Spain as your main residence. I think you can be here 10 months before you have to "return home", then 4 before you can come back to the States.
    Hello Letterman,
    How are things going with the re-launch of Sterling Sports Cars?
    I see some recent updates on the Facebook page:
    Is that the best source of info?
    What products will be on offer for us European based owners?

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    Hi Steve,
    Yes, for the moment almost all the updates are on the Facebook page. What you see there is where we're at! We have some fiberglass pieces pulled, including a body and canopy, and I am heading to the fabricators on Saturday to check fit and finish. We aren't quite ready to relaunch the website just yet. We want to make sure we have all our ducks in a row with supplies and parts (which is proving troublesome for some things) before we do that. After all, if we can't reliably send out parts, there is no point in having a website. UK as well as worldwide owners will be able to purchase just about anything from the site, from fiberglass panels to small tidbits specific to the car. We will have shipping available, I just don't know what the incurred costs will be for specific items.

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    2019 Sterling fitting 2.jpg2019 Sterling fitting 3.jpg2019 Sterling fitting.jpg

    Some photos from Saturday's fit and finish session with our fabricator. Overall we're pleased with what's been done, albeit not with the quantity. We were hoping for more pieces to have been made by the time we got there.. some were still in the molds curing, so there's that at least. Quality of the body is top notch.. quality of the molds, not so much. There will be quite a bit of finish work needed to get the body to paint ready quality, it just wasn't as noticeable on Dave's black cars. On the white you can see every dimple and blemish in the mold. Oh well.. that mold has been around for quite a while! Still some work to do. Rear valance isn't fitting right so some mods have to be done to the mold to make it work. Side pods and front valance are fine. Louver and the plain hood were still in the mold; the nostril hood in the photo was "new old stock", hence the color difference.

    Getting there, slowly but surely..

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