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Thread: Why is registering accounta new account disabled in ?

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    Why is registering accounta new account disabled in ?

    Any Thoughts ?

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    Because the software was never updated. It's been disabled for years. If you want an account, PM me a username and password and I'll get that to the webmaster. The site will be redesigned for easier access when the new Sterling site goes live, but that won't be for a while, unfortunately.

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    You should now be active, Ryosuke

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    back from the dead

    Bringing this thread back active; the Sterling forum has been revamped with a new look, mobile-friendly and automated signups. Though, at the moment, there isn't much activity since everyone bailed to come here :-)

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    I like the new look but still working through the learning curve.

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    It's still basically the same, just a different layout. Still some teething issues I'm helping sort through as I find them.

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