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I guess it is a moot point now, as the original post is 2 years old and we have not heard anything more since.

Nice as the Pie Valley chassis looks, to my knowledge there are no examples on the road yet, and to take an unsorted chassis design and stick a powerful V8 in it and expect it to work straight out of the box is asking for trouble I think. Kit car history is littered with such examples, like the Silhouette Countach replica with a Jag V12, or the Miura replica exhibited at Goodwood FOS and fitted with a twin-turbo Audi V6 (the only in-line engine short enough to fit in the engine bay). All designed to part the unwary from their money, and all sunk without trace.

To take a Beetle replacement chassis with fixed suspension geometry (apart from front camber adjustment) place it in a completely different context and then expect it to work with an Audi V8 is asking a lot!

Sadly I have to agree with Lauren. She has done a wonderful job with Green Machine and it is a credit to her and her skills and persistence, I hope I can see it 'in the flesh' one day before I pop off.

The kit car world is littered with projects that are someone's 'pipe dream'. even experienced engineers and mechanics find that the world of kit car building is far from the normal and how time consuming they can be and they flounder and fade away as 'life' gets in the way.

I see very few Novas and SSs reach maturity, much less road legal status only to appear on eBay as unfinished projects. The very few that do see the road vanish in a short time as the impracticability sinks in and the 'fun car' is dumped in the back yard. There are cases where cars are completed such as the SS 'Intergalac Crusader' with Ford Cosworth 4x4 but the roof fell in on that during a storm. Dave's Beta engined SS with clamshell rear is great and still going after 30 years but another David built a very nice SS with inboard rear brakes on a sierra diff, is languishing under cover for the past 10 years. A couple of MGF/Lotus mid-engine attempts ending up that way. Only one Rover V8 SS front engine was finished and that was so 'hairy' it ended up a track car at Prescott.
It is sad that so many are either being stripped and scrapped for their VW parts or end up as victims of "Big ideas, no idea" and pass from one dreamer to another.