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Thread: Seasons Greetings 2019

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    Seasons Greetings 2019

    A happy seasons greeting and a great 2020 to all my friends on euro-nova.
    May 2020 see many more cars on the road.

    Peter and Anette

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    Festive greetings to you both too! I hope 2020 brings better news regarding getting your SS on the road too.
    All the best, Alistair

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    And a Happy Christmas and New year to Peter, Alistair and everyone else on Euronova who help to encourage all of us here. 2020 is building up to see a few more of these precious cars back on the road. I know I never could have got mine on the road without the encouragement help and support of everyone here that contributes to this forum. And especially well done to Dan for providing this platform for communicating between fellow enthusiasts for all these years
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    Thanks Phill.
    Happy Christmas all!
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