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Thread: Need a little reassurance on a possible Eagle purchase!

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    Need a little reassurance on a possible Eagle purchase!


    I have been offered an Eagle that is based on a VW floorpan, but has a Ford
    Crossflow mounted at the back, rad at the front. Non 928 headlight style,
    the front seems shorter with Nova ish style lights but uncovered.

    I can get it very cheap, believe the screen is ok but will confirm.
    It's been off the road for years and sounds doomed, has a lost v5 but...

    Its got a q plate and from that I have found that it is registered as an Eagle!

    Therefore being beetle based not a Ford chassis version it could be on the road easily
    (after a lot of work). Only thing is that when applying for a lost v5 you need to state
    the chassis number. That will just be the beetle vin on the tunnel won't it or did Eagle
    have a riveted plate somewhere? It may have one i haven't viewed yet.

    It's an 1986 so not MOT exempt - (according to info its registered date and manufacture date are 1986)
    though not really accurate as the beetle base is older.

    It will be more for tinkering with at my workshop than a committed plan to return to the road.

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    Hi NNB17,

    If it's really cheap (ie no more than a few hundred) with a good windscreen I wouldn't hesitate. Just check out the threads on the Forum about the cost of replacing windscreens!

    It's encouraging that the DVLA know that it's a 'Q' plate and registered as an Eagle. To be honest I'd suggest you contact the DVLA to say you're thinking about buying it and ask them for the chassis number they have on record. Hopefully it'll be the VW chassis VIN. However, even if it is and things are therefore looking promising, you have to be honest with yourself about the condition of the chassis and whether or not it can be repaired? If you're a competent welder (or have access to one who is) then with so many replacement panels available, it should be possible (with time and money) to save the chassis.

    Best of luck with whatever you decide (but do let us all know!)


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    Thanks Alistair, yes I'll call the DVLA tomorrow- whether they are forthcoming in
    giving me the chassis number details I'm not sure but it's worth a try.

    It's definitely a heart over head type of thing - a gull wing car for under 1k.
    I just think there's a new liking of the unusual at car shows nowadays and that
    a new generation who see these sort of cars Novas etc with fresh eyes are going to
    love them. I saw the orange Probe at the NEC and the reaction it got...

    I know when Eagles come up on eBay they tend to be unloved and registered as Cortinas
    etc and go for about £500, but this is registered and I think I can get this bought and delivered for under a grand- its got Turbovecs too,
    if all else fails they can go on my Nova.


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    I would use the Bettle VIN on the tunnel when applying for the V5C. I would even try to get the original age related number re-instated if this is at all possible as then it will qualify for historic vehicle status (though I suspect that now that is has been registered as a Q plate this is unlikely).

    Pinto engines where quite a popular choice for VW kits back in the 80's as back then Pintos were readily available and much more powerfull than the standeard beetle engine - but there's nothing to stop you reverting back to VW power if that's your preference. VW power is simpler and the engines are shorter and lighter which means better handling without quite such a heavy mass out the back

    If it was me I would say the key point would be screen condition otherwise you will need to budget about £1000 for a new screen. If the screen's good then go for it. If not then it would depend what else it has going for it (wheels and interior for example). Good luck, and if you do decide to go for it remember to start a thread to update us all on your progress.
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    Quote Originally Posted by novanewbie17 View Post
    ..... but this is registered and I think I can get this bought and delivered for under a grand- its got Turbovecs too, if all else fails they can go on my Nova.

    Absolutely! .... and if the screen is OK you should definitely be in profit!

    Hope it works out!


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    I used to have a pinto engine in my old wooden chassis Marcos, that was seized too,
    so I know a little about them.

    I used the Beetle vin to obtain my Novas V5, but just wondered if Eagle had their own chassis plates
    with their own chassis numbers (that may have been on the previous reg doc).

    The other day I got my Nova running for the first time since the summer (Beetle engine) and was feeling pleased with myself - stood there looking at the engine bay when the pipe popped off the Solex pic3 carb! Fuel was pouring out all over the engine bay and it takes a second to think-
    I turned the ignition off and disconnected the battery.
    All was OK but a bit worrying!
    What had happened was the rubber pipe was attached to the brass tube but the tube had come off
    the carb. Anyway I've been a bit motivated to hear the car run and then this Eagle turned up +
    I have some time off.

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    If it is a Beetle chassis then that will be the Vin number just use that. DVLA will not tell you anything they my confirm that the chassis number matches the reg number if you give them it first, but they are usually very tight lipped. As for changing it back from a Q not a chance unfortunatly.


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    Sounds like one of those 'big idea, super car mods" possibly based on a MkII which had a 928 style nose and a few left it off and restyled it shorter.
    Screen is the main point with these, as has been said.
    Pinto lump seemed like a good idea at the time but swapping ends, coolant problems etc made a simpler tuned up 1600 be a better choice.
    Most Ford based Eagles have been scrapped for their Corrina parts unfortunately, lucky this engine has escaped, so far.
    Turbovacs in good condition are worth it alone.
    There is a link on the Eagle Owners Club site (now up again, thanks Dan) for VW chassis numbers as well as Pinto engines.
    Confirm no chance on changing a Q plate, I am even having problems changing to Spanish due to it. The DVLA keep records by reg number only, stupid idea, but if you have the Q number no problem, just get the form from the post office for lost V5c and fill it in using the VW chassis number and as an Eagle SS.
    Best of luck with it.
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    Thanks for the info Peter. I'm still considering but will let you know
    with a post if it happens.


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