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Thread: 2020 Club Nova Events

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    2020 Club Nova Events

    Hope you all had a fantastic new year. Some of us had to work .

    Now that 2020 has arrived it is time for all the road worthy Novas to be driven (or trailered if you have to) to one or both of the UK Kit Car shows this this. Yes TWO kit car shows.

    First up we have Stoneleigh on Sat 2nd & Sun 3rd May.
    Next up we have the re-appearance of NEWARK on Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th July.

    I have posted off Club Nova attendance forms.

    Stoneleigh is the usual affair, same plot as last year, kit car driver FREE, passengers & tintops £20. Camping £5 for everyone. N.A.C. Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire,CV8 2LZ

    Newark, also organised by Grosvenor Shows, are running it similar to Stoneleigh, that is Kit car & driver free entry, passengers & tintops £20 each, camping £5 for everyone.

    So there we go folks, we all lamented the sudden demise of Newark & now it's back & will only survive if we, the kit car community, support it. Get your cars out from under that cover, get it down the MOT station & put some miles on it, you know you want to & believe me, Lauren, Dirk, James and a few others, that regularly put miles on our cars, you will not regret it.

    Looking forward to meeting you all at one or both of these shows.

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    Gosh Newark back! Perhaps there is hope for continuing kit cars.....
    It's a 52 year old car and everything works, just not always at the same time.......and it's probably about to get jealous!
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    Great news that Newark's back ... and even better news that you've been busy working Bushboy! I hope things have worked out well for you after last year's disappointment.

    All the best for 2020


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    Ill be at both Newark is only an hour away for me and was disappointed when it stopped, Lets hope it is a success and continues.


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    Great news that Newark is back. I had some great times there! I had best get cracking on!

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    So pleased to see the show back, although I can't attend (it is a bit far) I hope it will be well attended.

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    I have been google mapping both shows and the Newark show is a bit nearer to me than Stoneleigh, but both are a fair distance still (300 plus miles). However I have managed almost 1,000 miles total in my car since getting it road legal last spring (the longest single journey being in the order of 60 miles or so) so it should be do-able for me. I just need to gain a bit more confidence in taking the car on longer journeys. I took my car for a short run today (first time out in over a month). I intend to put a few miles on the car this year having ironed out most of the bugs from last year
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