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    Hello from Scotland

    Hello, thanks for letting me join. I've had my Nova for 5 years in May and in that time all I've managed to do is remove the engine, and occasionally sit in it and make "brum brum" noises. (sit in the car that is, not the engine!) Anyhow, I've hopefully attached 2 pictures which shows my Nova, and I'd really like to know a bit about it if anyone is able to help. I suspect it's a MK1, but not entirely sure. And yes, it is sitting up a bit at the back, mainly as the engine is out. And then comes the dilemma. After 5 years of doing nothing apart from cutting the paint and removing the engine, I find myself at the crossroads of restore or sell. I've just acquired a Beetle which has now donated its (running, sort of) engine in order to kick start putting the Nova back on the road, but sometime I think it'd be better in someone elses hands to carry out whatever work is required. It's never been restored and has been laid up for about 22 years but you wouldn't think it.
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