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Thread: Hello from Scotland

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    New owner

    Iíve been over the sea to Skye, and have bought Nickís NovaóI still need to arrange transport down to Glasgow and sort its new home out; and both are modest challenges since weíre supposed to be having major groundworks around our house next week, weather permitting.

    So Iíll be pestering the local owners to see yours and discuss them in detail.

    It plainly needs a fair bit of cosmetic attention and general ďtidyingĒ up to be presentable. Iíll try to match the colour, but may respray in a similar red if I cannot. And Iíll keep the interior stock-ish, but I may need a ladder to enter/exit, my legs are too short and my posterior too wide for graceful arrivals/departures.

    Iíve been trawling through the forums and postings looking for the best ideas that may be useful.

    It has two 1300 engines and maybe one has been upíed to 1600ĖIíll need to check them more thoroughly.

    I expect to do a full overhaul of all the mechanical systems: brakes, steering and suspension, hydraulics, and the electrics, too. Improvements where appropriate and consistent with the carís character and my budget.

    Iíll probably need a year, more-or-less to do it right. Maybe six months if I want to get it on the road and let some odd jobs slide a bit.

    Iíll keep you posted once I have it here.


    Photo: on my way, such a lovely Scottish day for a drive to Skye:


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    Nice update thanks; I think most owners would recommend doiing the minimum to get the car roadworthy and take things from there - and not to let a 6-month part rebuild turn into a 5 year one.

    Please start a thread in the Your Cars forum and keep the updates coming :-)

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    Hi James, itís a long time since I travelled the road to Skye but my eldest lives in Glasgow and my Mumís in Ayr so Iím over in that neck of the West more often. I agree with Steve ... I thought 2 or 3 years would do it but Iím already 3 years in and have only really finished the chassis. If you fancy a trip over to St Andrews sometime youíll be made very welcome!


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    Hi James - welcome to the Forum

    I'm not that far from you (Livingston) and you are very welcome to come and see my car sometime. It's roadgoing and I would be pleased to take you out in it and talk all things Nova. I also wouldn't mind coming through to have a look at your car too
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