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Thread: Rear spoiler from the Purvis Eureka, available in the UK?

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    If it helps, the dashcam in my everyday car has both front and rear cameras, and the screen (which is visible from the driver's seat) can be altered to show either front view on its own, rear view on its own, or a split screen with both. I assume it's legal?


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    I have mini cameras just behind the doors (canopy) but switched by an on-off-on switch into my 7" radio thingy, I only intend to use in parking situations or in heavy traffic rather than on all the time.
    Rear view camera is much bigger and center in top edge of tail, gets a good view there.
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    I should have mentioned that the one thing the monitor should not be able to do is receive broadcast TV. This is considered to be a driver distraction (as opposed to loads of screens for lateral G, acceleration parameters, exhaust gas temperatures etc.). I suspect that was what Mark was alluding to?

    The latest European legislation permits rear view cameras to replace the external rear view mirrors, thereby improving aerodynamic efficiency and thus fuel consumption. Of course a swarm of situational-awareness drones could do the job just as well...
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