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Thread: MK1 Nova for sale, NW Scotland

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    MK1 Nova for sale, NW Scotland

    Where to start? MK1 Nova with Mk2 rear bumper (as kindly advised on this forum), stored with me for 5 years, previous owner stored for 18 years. V5 reads "Volkswagen Sports". 2 engines, 1 which I suspect is a AB1300 with 1600 upgrade which belongs to the car but is partially stripped, other is a AB1300 which came out of a donor Beetle last Saturday. Screen excellent, interior very good, body overall good but a bit of chipping on arches where it clipped a doorframe. twin pod dash, MG velour bucket seats (not fixed), canopy good and works, side perspex complete but needs replaced. Turbovec 13 spoke rims are in excellent order.Pans and channels all seem good. I suppose it's pretty rare to find like this, it's the reason I bought it in the first place. I'm trying to be as honest as I can with description, if you are genuinely interested and want me to look at something specific or take other pictures then please ask. Bear in mind my location, IV42, I can help with accommodation if you are coming from afar (which is more likely than not. Price? Well, I'd like as much as possible without being unrealistic, so £4000 allows you to turn up and haggle me down to £3000, which is what I have set my lower limit at. So, it's £3000, but, as I'm going to replace it with something more practical, I'll perhaps be interested if anyone has a vehicle to deal with, Rover P6, Marina, Victor or the likes. 83432719_643628893076271_7611286015403098112_n.jpg

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    Great price for a great car. Anyone remotely serious about buying a Nova should snap this one up.
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    I agree Phil, not too many that could actually 'be sorted in a couple of months'. and this one could.
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    Have to echo what the others have said, a good example.
    Good luck with the sale.
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