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Thread: Sterling/ Nova rescued from scrap yard

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    Sterling/ Nova rescued from scrap yard

    Can you beleive someone scrapped this? :-

    There should be a law against it
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    Well done finding that video Phill. I see it was only published today. He mentioned he’d like help finding bits and pieces for it ... you should leave a message on the video to point him in the direction of the Forum and mention that we have several American members who should be able to help him.

    I’m looking forward to watching his project on YouTube... but hopefully he’ll post on here too

    Edit addition: I've just google 'LS4' ... the engine he says he wants to replace the VW lump with. Apparently it's "a 5.3L aluminum small block engine used in GM cars between 2005 and 2009"

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    I subscribed to his channel to watch the progress

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    Lets just hope it doesn't go the way of so many 'good ideas'.
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    I agree. I'm afraid an LS4 is exactly what this car doesn't need, given the amount of hacking about needed to fit one into such a confined space, whether its sideways, lengthways, mid or rear mount. Let's hope this car gets to see the road again before going back to the scrapyard...

    I'm loving those wheels!

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    There is a bit of a craze on youtube at the minute about restoring/building crazy cars.
    It's great however I've not seen many of them get finished.
    Usually only the high value cars get finished, Lamborghini's and the like.

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    Yeah, I had twin 'Zooms' (similar) on my first car, it was to loud for me.

    I agree about keeping your existing pipework, which looks sound, and getting some similar back boxes made - or some OEM ones adapted to fit.

    Nice to see some pictures of your car BTW.

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