I wanted to give a shout out to Brian Goodall of BGC Motorsport near Wisbech Cambridgeshire.
Brian supplied most of the brake connections and fuel fittings for my car, he supplies good quality brands such as Automec & Girling; If you compare to the cheaper stuff available online, there is a difference.

He can supply bog standard stuff for a vanilla metric VW Beetle based system, but he comes into his own when connecting bits from 'incompatible' vehicles.

I went over to see him in Emneth with my Girling master cylinder, metric fuel lines and NPT threaded American Callipers and he supplied the fittings for the lot, and advised me on use of '600 braded hose. I brought my fuel tank and he advised on changing to a more standard (banjo connections) set-up which I did.

He also works well via email, send him a picture of your brake or fuel components and he will sort you out. He is used by the guys at Flatlands and I see his advert in CKC Magazine as well. Top man.