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    Side lights

    Hi all.
    I am in the process of wiring up my eagle ss. One thing i have realised is I currently do not have front sidelights (the first click on the light stalk on modern cars).
    My car has been off the road and stripped for atleast 10 years, I dont remember ever seeing these lights.
    From memory I had, pop up headlights that contained dipped beam and full beam, spot lights that were never wired in and front indicators.
    I replaced the popups with more modern popups from a supra but these donot contain side lights.
    Im now wondering how this car got MOTed all those years ago.

    In any case, what do people use for side lights and front indicators. I dont want LEDs as Im trying to keep it retro.
    Ideally I would like units that are really small and can be counter sunk into a nose cone.


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    I have Metro ones on my car sidelights and indicators.


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    LEDs in the nose works for me. side lights, fog lights and indicators all in one fabricated module. is i t E rate? is it hell, but at least my headlights I got from the states are E4.

    one can fit DRLs in the shark gills too.
    LED combo.jpgDRLs.jpg
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    I guess it is possible that you had the sidelights integrated into the headlamp pod and the lamps popped up when the sidelights were switched on, instead of the headlamps. Otherwise you could consider the same set-up used by Porsche on the 924/944 and 928, which is to have the sidelights integrated into spotlamps in the bumper. Having the spotlights avoids the need for the headlamps to pop up when you try and flash the lights.

    Looking at a few pictures of Eagles, the factory standard seems to have been to fit an indicator/sidelight assembly on the front panel. Assuming your indicators will remain in this location, you can fit a pair of rectangular spotlamps inboard of the indicators. You might need to drill the reflectors to fit the sidelight bulbs if you can't find a genuine Porsche unit - this is what I did with my Cibie spotlamps, popping in an aftermarket bulb holder.

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    Depending on what you consider "small" check out older Miata side lights, or older VW Jetta. That's US based.

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