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Thread: nice Nova on Facebook Marketplace...complete (not much needing done but strong money)

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    nice Nova on Facebook Marketplace...complete (not much needing done but strong money)

    NOVA, Very Rare.

    Correctly registered as a Nova on a New style V5C-
    registered new in 1982 so X reg.
    Year of manufacture 1969 (beetle based) and
    so MOT and road tax exempt as it's not been modified.

    This makes the car quite valuable- car is also registered
    as historic vehicle on V5.

    So what about the car itself- the body is of fibreglass and
    in very good condition. There is no rust on the floorpan
    so essentially the car is rust free.

    Another + is the engine which runs and is the desirable twin port 1600cc beetle engine. Theoretically the car would drive
    but the brakes need going through completely and the engine
    needs some tuning from lack of use.

    Gearbox selects, clutch works.

    I have an old tax disc from late 1990s showing the car has been on the road but since then its been slowly restored improved
    to an OK not show standard.

    Paint is VW brilliant orange which suits the era perfectly,
    Pantera/Miura etc.

    It's as low as a GT40 and looks incredible. The canopy
    lifts with a switch to allow access which needs tinkering
    with (not the fit, but switches in the right areas etc to make it
    all usable).

    The dash fascia and top is under construction out of ply-
    but the bulkhead of it is fitted and trimmed- has 944 dials that need wiring in. Carpeted with seats currently being adjusted to suit- they are just modified spitfire ones- I have new covers but
    it will need upper foam which is available easily.

    The expensive windscreen is in very good condition.
    It has Lamborghini Miura/850 rear lights- one needs a new lense.

    I understand these cars are desirable particularly in Germany
    and Netherlands and can help to load etc if someone wants
    to make the journey over etc.

    I never intended to sell this car but would like to fund a house
    project. There aren't many opportunities t buy these cars.
    There are less than a handful for sale worldwide and most
    are shells but this is well on its way though theres work to be done.

    I'M 6ft 3 and do actually fit in the car its just a case of fitting
    things for what suits you!


    Berkshire Uk.

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    OK, I see the page is only visible to members.

    That is a shame - I thought I had convinced Mark to hang on to the car. Still, I guess priorities change
    only Pythagoras can save me now!

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    This is the february girl, I mean car, in the calendar, isn't it? It's a beautiful car.

    3 minus points about it for me: RHD, the distance (a thousand miles or something) and the price (it may be worth it, but too much for me in the moment). The rest is pretty much exaclty my taste... I need a sponsor...
    Never give up!

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    "I never intended to sell this car but would like to fund a house project".
    Sounds like some domestic pressure to me.

    A concentrated effort and finish those things, be easier to sell, not necessarily for more but easier, as we all know, rare doesn't always mean valuable or there is someone waiting to snatch your hand off.

    Best of luck with it, I was really looking forward to seeing that one finished.

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    Hi all,

    I'm new to the forum but trying to get hold of a Nova as grandad had one in the late 70s.
    Sadly, he passed away shortly after, the year before I was born.
    Grandma ended up selling it, so now all the family is left with is a short video and some old photos.

    Does anyone know if this one sold, or any other full build ones are available, or currently on the market for sale?
    I can't seem to go to the advert following the link

    I would love to start a project, but unfortunately due to work commitments I have very limited time to dedicate to such an undertaking, so would only be able to consider nearly finished or finished projects.

    Grateful for help and advice.

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    Luis, They do come up for sale now and again, but sadly its very very rare for a complete car to come up for sale. Most are project cars, with a fair amount of work required (even if at first glance they don't look like that is the case).

    I wish you luck, but if you are after a finished roadworthy car with no issues you may have a long wait, or need deep pockets

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