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Thread: Nova Carpets

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    Nova Carpets

    Hello Nova Fans

    Do you know an address where I can order custom-made interior carpets ?

    - the carpets are missing in my car - so I have no samples - and VW Beetle carpets do not fit exactly

    Greetings from Switzerland Patrick

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    Hi Patrick,
    I donít know of anyone who makes carpets for the Nova (hopefully others on the Forum will know someone who does) but if you canít find someone perhaps you could make up templates from cardboard and get a local company to make the carpets up for you?

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    Hi Patrick,
    It might be worth pinging the guys at Sterling Sports Cars,

    But I'd say it's unlikely you'll get an off-the-shelf set;
    you'll have to make your own templates or take the vehicle to a trimmers who does custom work.
    The Nova interior is a tricky shape to trim, e.g. the floorplan under & behind the seats.

    If you go for a custom job, I'd put a layer of sound proofing under the carpet to smooth out the ribbing in the floorpan and give it a nicer look & feel.

    Post some pics; I'd be interested to see what you go for.

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