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Thread: Hi from Ireland, what's the difference between a Mk1 and Mk2?

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    Hi from Ireland, what's the difference between a Mk1 and Mk2?

    Hi lads,

    Delighted to have found this group. I've had a huge interest in these cars ever since my dad gave me a Hot Car magazine with a blue Nova on the cover I think it was 1972? It blew my mind as a kid to think two guys could design a car so futuristic looking in 1972.
    The article talked about the fact they hadn't named the car, they were calling it the Sayers Oakes at the time.
    I've owned every classic car imaginable, mostly VW, but knew I would end up eventually with a Nova and that would be the one I would keep for good!
    I'm close to taking the plunge and buying one, can anyone explain the difference between a Mk1 and Mk2?

    Great site, look forward to learning about these great cars!

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    Welcome to the forum!
    We have the most knowledgable people in the world regarding Novas on this forum so you are sure to get answers to any question Nova related.

    Take a look at this thread (the photos have been blurred by photobucket) but it should still give you a good idea
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    Brilliant thanks I came to the right place. I'll check that out now.


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    Welcome Dan - I hope you get your car
    "The most beautiful kit car in the world - Motor"

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    Hi Dan, Welcome to the forum.

    FYI I attended the Terenure show back in 2015, there was a Nova in attendance, do you know of any others on the road over there?

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    Thanks for the warm welcomes! I know the one that crops up at the shows in Ireland, a black one. I begged the owner to sell it to me for over 10 years. I even gave him my copy of Hot Car magazine that I had as a kid.
    It came up for sale about 6 months ago, I didn't buy it out of pure stubborness, at that stage the car had left a bad taste in my mouth..
    A few major projects have come up over the years, but I haven't seen any at shows and that, so there can only be a handful of roadgoing versions here.

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    That yellow one is real nice, I've never seen it before. Are there particular models that are more desirable, or is it just personal taste?

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