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Thread: Eagle SS project on Ebay

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    Eagle SS project on Ebay

    While in pieces and a cracked screen, the shell looks to be in good shape.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaisa View Post

    While in pieces and a cracked screen, the shell looks to be in good shape.
    Agreed! ... I've not seen such a tidy SS for a very long time!

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    I wonder if the choice of interior colour was inspired by Russian military aircraft? I think it is supposed to reduce eye strain on combat missions...
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    A really great kit and has been said, in great condition. All parts needed to complete including rare door panels and original seats. A nice MkII Ford version (but with VW boot lid? I should talk, my VW MkIII has a Ford boot lid, but I specified that). Strange side window top fixings and a cut out on the bottom rear corner that was not standard.

    With the advent of the latest version of the product cracked screens can be invisibly repaired now, along with phones, tablets, etc.

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