At long last Iíve now got my Nova down from Skye. I found it thanks to the forum, and arranged a quite amicable purchase with BreakishNick back in mid-February. Transported down last week and itís now living in a Container somewhere near Glasgow while I sort out whatís done next.

A LOT of questions follow!

Photos show it on the car transported, then hiding in its container.

In restoring it I plan on keeping it pretty original in appearance, but with updated mechanics, electrics and other bits & pieces.

The exterior is in fair shape although there are numerous little dings and chips in the gel coat along the sides and front. Iím afraid Iíll need to repair those and respray the whole car. Iíll keep it redómaybe a BMW color: Indianapolis Red, a metallic pearl. It has pin-stripping along the sides and the front mid-lineówhile Iíd like to keep those as a period feature I think re-doing them after a respray would be a hassle I could skip.

Iíll keep the rear panel and lights as they are, but the headlights and turn signals/running lights look clunky-big lumps just screwed in place. Maybe recess them into the mounting panel? I had thought about removing the little front side marker lights, but theyíre original so Iíve decided to keep them as a ďperiod featureĒ. I think Iíll add some driving/spot lights and fog lights at the front, maybe mount them and the turn signals in the front orifice? Maybe a rear fog light as per modern practice?

Definite exterior changes:
1. remove and glass over the aerial, and replace it with an invisible one beneath the fiberglass.
2. Relocate the fuel cap to beneath the louvered panel for a neater look.
3. The louvered panel seems to ďsagĒ in the middle- how can I fix that? Heat it up while forcing it flat?, and
4. Iíd like to replace the louvered panelís hinges with some that mount below as with most boots and bonnets, also for a smoother look.
5. The side windows are crazed and need replacing, and Iíd like to modify those so they open, preferably quite a bit-maybe with sliding panels like the old side curtains in late Ď50s MGs and TRs. Mounts that pivot like the rear windows of modern cars donít really appeal that much.
6. The wheels look good as a natural aluminum but the center caps are corroded and horrible. Iíd replace those with new, if available or have them powder coated. I donít think Iíd coat the wheels themselves.

The interior looks OK, but would need ďrefreshingĒ with
1 new quality carpets
2 new seats. Nick said he thought the ones in it were from an MGA, but original MG seats were different. Iíll go with thinner leather seats of a suitable width, high ones I think although those would be more modern than ďperiodĒ.
3 Iíd keep the existing entertainment systems as period features-it has both a radio-cassette player and a CD player, one mounted alongside the driver and the other alongside the passenger. Itís got little tweeters up in the rear bulkhead and larger mid-range (?) speakers in the dash.
4 The dash looks pretty good with a nice vinyl (almost certainly not leather) cover over each pod and the main panel. Iíd keep that, as is.
5. The instruments are horribly anachronistic, just like those from Ď50 MGs, etc. and Iím surprised that such an avant-garde looking car didnít opt for more contemporary looking gauges. Iím considering using the Intellitronix ďCreate-a-dashĒ system. Thatís a smoked glass panel that the digital gauges shine through. Itíd have speedometer, tach, fuel, volts, oil pressure and temp. Iím not sure about the temp for an air-cooled engine. An oil plug mounted sensor? A Cylinder Head thermocouple? What are your thoughts?
6. Switches, it seems to have the column mounted controls for the turn signals, horn, etc. and dash rocker switches for the rest. I think Iíll keep these, as is, unless theyíre faulty.
7 The steering wheel is tiny, But Iíll leave that until it is on the road and see how heavy it is to wrestle.

The suspension, steering, etc.
1. Red9Design coilovers at the front?
2. The same at the rear?
3. Rack & pinion steering? Whatís possible? Easy(!!)?
4. Disk brakes front & rear. But dual circuit master cylinder? Does that need to be changed? Size? Balance front/rear?
5. Anti-sway bars?
6. Transaxle: have it stripped down and inspected, then new seals and bearings as appropriate installed. WHAT options are available? I know different Beetles had slightly different gearing so whatís best for a Nova? What about Porsche gearboxesó901 ones from early 911s seem most easily done although extortionately costly?

1 Replace all wiring with heavier gauge ones, relays for heavy loads. 4-way flasher if not already done.
2 Heating? It seems that the stock system is viable with new and clean hoses, etc. Maybe add ďboostersĒ fans to help the standard systemís air flow?
3 Heavier duty alternator.
4 High torque starter?
5 Electronic ignition replacing points, etc.

Engine upgrades:
1. Completely open here, but would like more performance AND sound.
2. Ceramic coating the exhaust. What other related components? Heat exchangers?
3. Chassis bracing?

Anything else? Iím sure thereís lots....