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Thread: Roof relay confirmation

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    Roof relay confirmation


    I took the decision to completely re-wire the canopy - it's nearly done but just need to check some things.
    I bought a new relay which is the typical vw headlight relay and I've taken the cap off but just
    need confirmation that the tab that the pencil is pointing to is the correct one to cut?

    I took the cap off the old one and it is the same pattern but that doesn't have any tab cut
    (which may explain why the roof never went down)?

    Also, I have the smiths mini pack motor - the two wires coming out the top are one live and one earth
    but which is which? The writing has worn off! I think its green negative and red/green pos?

    Looking forward to nearly having a working canopy.

    Interior has been months of sorting too but it's on its way...
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