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In theory the pump hydraulics are powerful enough, but in practice the fluid would drain away from the reservoir so the pump would obviously fail to pump any fluid.
That would be my view too. The pump reservoir has the required oil level marked on it, but even if you filled it to the level of the filler plug (which has an air vent in it to stop pressure build up), inverting the pump would unport the pistons in the base.

I suspect the motor would probably work OK for while, but it was not designed for total immersion so I would expect oil to start seeping along the driveshaft eventually.

As Mick says, I don't think there is enough strength in the canopy to support the weight of the car, and the original hinges are pretty flimsy too.

The Lamborghini Countach had the same problem, allegedly solved by the use of a push-out windscreen (the aircraft style lynch pins that released the door hinges were only found on the second pre-production prototype), although that didn't help the factory test driver when he flipped an LP400 after a tractor pulled out into the road near the Sant Agata factory.

And I believe the Merc SLR gull-wing thing from a few years back used explosive bolts to release the doors if the car ended up on its roof (an idea that was rejected by Lamborghini for the Countach, amazingly - who said the Germans were sensible?).

Best thing to do is to keep the Nova right side up, methinks