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Thread: Canopy Hinges

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    Canopy Hinges

    Does anyone have any CAD for the Canopy Hinges? I want to get a couple of sets made in stainless steel, so will be using my contacts to get the best price I can. If anyone else needs any, perhaps we can use quantity to get the price down.
    Let me know.

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    Specifically CAD or will accurate dimensions work too?

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    Hi Alan,

    I recreated the arms on my hinges, as the top and bottom mounts were repairable on my car.

    The hinges use M10 Bolts to attach the arms, and I found some spacer bushes that fit well from bpfonline (a 10mm internal hole, 16mm external dia).
    These fit snugly into 20mm OD tube (2mm wall), that is a good solution for the arm 'ends'

    For the arms themselves I used 25.4mm OD tube, again 2mm wall.
    I don't have the measurements I'm afraid. An engineering company made these up based on the originals, using mild steel.

    I put a screw thread in the top of the front arm to make the hinge adjustable, I had the adjustment 'slot' in the top mount welded up.

    I hope that is useful.

    Part 88061915 Top hat spacer bush 10 x 16 x 20
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nic View Post
    Specifically CAD or will accurate dimensions work too?
    Accurate drawings will be fine

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