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Thread: Electric Nova Conversion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter View Post
    There is an EV Stirling on their forum but I don't know if it ever got finished, like the forum it just fizzled out.
    Hi Peter & Phill,

    I'm just resurrecting this thread because I stumbled across an ebay advert for the electric Sterling from 6 Aug 2020. It says the listing was ended because there was an error in the listing so who knows where the car is now. Nevertheless, really interesting to see that it's been done! and then click 'see original listing' or try this link to go straight there ...

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    These guys in Wales are selling the parts needed to convert but as expected it would prove rather expensive

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    That looks like the bunch that did the Vintage Voltage programme that aired on Quest recently. I watched some of the episodes with interest as they were responsible for a Ferrari 308 conversion that could do some massive burnouts. Mostly engineered around Tesla motors and running gear, although they did a more basic conversion on a Chesil Speedster with a view to mass production.

    I was also interested to see what other cars were in their workshop during the filming. I hope not all for EV conversions - a Gordon-Keeble for a start, and a BMW 3 litre CS(L), and even more intriguing, a Lamborghini Countach bodyshell...

    Electric motor and especially battery technology have come a long way in a very short time, to the point where the concept is only now becoming viable for daily commuting. There were some electric Sterlings built in the US some years ago, but the limited range (probably less than 50 miles) and significant battery mass would have made for a very poor performing vehicle.

    Did anyone see the electric Maserati Biturbo on Wheeler Dealers a few years back? That programme showed the contrast between old and new motor/battery technology very well I thought.

    For me, the batteries are still the big issue. Most of the Vintage Voltage conversions ended up heavier than their petrol powered counterparts due to the weight of the batteries. I would much rather have a gas turbine generator providing the electric power, maybe with ultra-capacitors for short-term energy storage, like the latest Lamborghini thing. But none of that comes cheap

    Good luck with your EV Novas, I'm sticking with fossil fuel while its available...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spacenut View Post
    For me, the batteries are still the big issue.
    I've always thought so too. Which is why I'm convinced Hydrogen fuel cell powered electric cars are the solution. This crowd have got the right idea:-

    And it also provides a neat solution as to what to do with all the turbines that are paid to stand idle during low grid demand - Use them to produce Hydrogen from water by electrolysis.
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