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Thread: Complete Running Nova (been sat in a garage for 14 yrs)

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    Hi Dave,

    He re-advertised it with a starting price of £3k instead of the original £4.5k. Iím pretty sure it didnít stay on eBay for the full length of the auction, but I donít know whether he sold it or not. Maybe he saw Markís Gulf Nova and decided it might be worth restoring his own Nova himself?

    I see youíre consider swapping your Mk1 Escort for a kit car? Are you thinking about another Nova or something else?

    Hope allís well with you and the Golf Cart

    Hi Alistair
    Och I was just being nosey, I liked that NOVA a lot, perfect Colour, round rear lights, etc etc.....Bushboy doing a grand job on my car at the moment but he is a busy busy guy and Its probably gonna be next summer at best now, he is busy @ work, busy home life and hes the sort of guy who likes to help peeps out so always a few projects on the go along with keeping on top of his own kit, so I was looking for a short cut to a running completed Nova & I sell mine but the guy never got back to me as to whether he has sold or not......My MK1 ...yea was just testing the water , if swapping it would probably be for a Covin but I am happy to tinker about with the Escort for her from SA....very very solid...

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    Quote Originally Posted by glasgowgolfer View Post
    Hi Alistair
    ...... but I am happy to tinker about with the Escort for her from SA....very very solid...
    Hi Dave,

    Good to hear from you. I could see it wasnít a UK reg no. but I didnít recognise it. Surprising really because I lived in Durban, SA, in the early 80ís. Your Escort must have been from inland (Joíburg?) ... cars used to rust on the coast with the spray from the surf being blown into the city

    If youíre ever over on the east coast of Scotland give me a shout and you can have a look around my Nova

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