To all.
I am giving you early notice that I WILL be selling my nova.
As I have mentioned before I will be looking to move to Wales, which yesterday after a 600 mile round trip we found the place we want to buy, and the offer has been accepted.
The location will not suit what could be classed as a non essential car, and bearing in mind I donít really drive it that much in Sussex I will not use it there.
I have a feeling, and a friend of mine has said the same, I am more of a builder than a driver. I have finally got my car where it should be in terms of safety and style.
I will first try Ebay then other means.
For eBay the starting price will be £8750, and I will see what happens. I would rather it stayed in this country, but who knows......
If anyone on the forum is interested then just pm me.......