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Thread: Now runs and drives!

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    Now runs and drives!

    thumbnail-9.jpgthumbnail-7.jpgthumbnail-6.jpgthumbnail-4.jpgthumbnail-3.jpgI took the Nova out of the garage yesterday for the first time in a while yesterday. I was considering buying the eBay car, 4.5k to have until mine is useable but wanted to evaluate what I had.
    After just a day I got it running from the key first time but one thing Iíve never known is if it would all engage to drive.
    My car is on a slopes driveway and has a drop which would ground the car so I got a large piece of 4x4 wood to put behind the wheels as my Ďbrakeí.
    It started then I put it in gear, tried the clutch and no drama it pulled away! Then just let it roll back to the wood.
    It doesnít sound much but Iíve never had it running long enough before to do that!
    Brakes to do next but theoretically it will drive.

    I also now have the roof working very smoothly and have become quite used to itís action- all the roof confusion of several weeks ago now forgotten!

    One side panel is now fully bolted up with new rubber seal to the floor.

    I picked up some gorgeous shaped cream seats for the interior which has transformed it, not much work to do on that now.

    So, need brakes looking at, new tyres for the front (the steering is heavy on 235 tyres, would like to get 195 as they need replacement anyway.

    Rear suspension needs lowering on drivers side mostly.

    Loved having it on the drive with the roof partially open ( itís on a momentary switch) looks so sleek and stopped the postman in his tracks!
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    Pictures !!!!
    It is the law !👍

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buffy View Post
    Pictures !!!!
    It is the law !��
    Here you go.

    I'm considering your car too, it's thrown a curveball!

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    Your Nova's looking great NN17 .... love the seats! You've come a long way from how she was when you got her (I remember the advert photos). Hope you've got a boost from getting her out again to tackle some more ... you're a lot closer to getting her on the road than I am


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    Thanks Alistair, appreciate it.
    The seats look like Intertrim ones, not sure but had to do a 200 mile round trip to get them and chance theyíd fit!
    Photos are a bit small, theyíre not before I upload them...
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    Quote Originally Posted by novanewbie17 View Post
    Here you go.

    I'm considering your car too, it's thrown a curveball!
    Letís just say, itís there if you want it ! 😂👍

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    Nice one on getting it stared and moving under its own steam.


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    Good work! I love the composition of your first picture, with the period properties in the background it looks very contemporary!

    I don't recall seeing the gold striping on the upper body before. Nice touch. There is a gap in the stripe just before the rear wheel arch - is that where the Nova script goes???

    Seats are a good fit in those narrow floorpans - I guess they came out of a Caterham or similar? They complement the interior trim very nicely, well worth the effort getting them I'd say! Having a fully trimmed out interior is such a morale boost.

    You see - it's only been just over a year since Supercar Sunday and you are nearly there

    only Pythagoras can save me now!

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    Thanks Lauren,

    Yes I used the same composition trick as the February calendar shot!

    Seats are apparently from a Caterham or similar.
    They are narrow but so am I and so quite comfortable. If I slightly raise the front of the seats with a spacer they will be at the perfect recline for me and follow the line of the car.

    It is progressing now and to say Iíve renewed enthusiasm is an understatement! Iím doing more and more each chance I get.

    The stripe- The idea is that the chrome strip covers the join line (I like the chrome for the classic look) then the stripe is the same distance away as the top stripe, so the chrome creates the 3rd stripe.

    The gap is for a Nova script Iím working on that will go there and at the back. I think itíll work but I was slightly disappointed that the gold of the script isnít the same shade as the lower panel but there it is.

    Super car Sunday next year looking possible, though Iíve no idea what it will be like to drive there.

    Iím going to try sorting the brakes next
    possibly then a road test...

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    Great moment having it drive, a real milestone, my bugger is still on the trailer for 15 years, so many other things getting in the way.

    keep the faith and you'll be on the road before you know it.
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