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    Hello from Spain


    I'm new on Euro-Nova, my name is Enrique and I'm from Spain.
    On November past year I bought a Nova in Spain but it came from UK.
    I think it is a Nova Mark 2 with rear bumber of Nova Mark 3, it came with the chassis completly rusted, without seats and almost without interior, it was dissasembly, but I have the important parts (windshield, windows, dashboard), the hydraulic system do not work and it is all rusted.
    I have a 1969 donor chassis and the rear suspension of a chassis IRS to install.
    My idea with the beetle chassis it is drop 4" and install an mid-engine alfa 1.7 16v, all it is in progress, and I need to decided how install the rear suspension with minor modifications.
    The engine I have to decide if will go with injection or with carbs.
    I do not know if it is original, I will see better, but Ive only found in the front trunk "AB34/2/12".
    With the number plate it is a Volkswagen black and silver, I have to check the plate to know more information, I would like to know which page will give me more information, because there are a lot of pages to decided.
    Ive learn very much here, and I hope can help too.

    Cheers Enrique

    (Excuse me if I say some wrong, I do not speak a lot of English.)
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