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Thread: Steering Wheels and Adapters

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    steering wheels

    Possibly one of the biggest selection of choices building the car, from 10" to 14", round, oval, flat bottom, no bottom, no top or bottom, flat, deep dish, any color and style, the choice is yours.
    Personally I like a flat bottom for knee room getting in and out with a QR as well, a good security measure if the wheel is locked in the trunk. I have had a LOT of different wheels in my time from 10" Monteray to 14" real wood on my Dolomite and quite honestly I don't see where some firms are so expensive, apart from the label of course,

    In my experience $25 one on eBay is just as good as a $150 one in a store and possible a better choice.

    DASH 1.jpg newwheel_zpsaffb9df5.jpgnew slug 2.jpgnew stals and GR.jpg

    As far as QR goes there are a few about, I went for the weld on splines, (as per racing cars), clutch release.

    The ones that bolt on between hub and wheel are adding 3" to the length and a bit chunky as well as needing a hub for that car with 3 or 6 holes. or a dedicated one (Ford, Honda, Chrysler, etc) and with the QR built in. these are possible the best but more expensive and bulky.,

    I could have made shaft a bit shorter so it went into the cowl but found that was about right for my leg length. I also drilled and tapped the column to M8 and put an 120mm Allem bolt down the middle, just to back up the weld.

    BUT, each unto their own. It IS a very personal thing.
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