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Thread: Nova Badge II

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    Nova Badge II

    A while back we were discussing a nova bonnet badge and Alex found a Lada Nova badge (the Lada Riva was called the Lada Nova in some countries) anyway the design used a font that a few of us liked.

    I plan on using this design on my car, I have it in .pdf from and .ai form (vector) which might work as a basis for 3D printing - if you know what you are doing (my knowledge on this limited to say the least).

    Anyway the .ai file is in this directory:

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    Great looking font. I have it on my steering wheel boss, where the old Rover script used to be. Although the strobe font used by the Elams looks very similar, I think the lower case font looks better.

    My solution is about 5 years old now, and is surviving remarkably well given how fragile it is (reverse printed text onto laserjet overhead projector film, then glued onto polished aluminium with PVA adhesive), but I would like to find a more permanent solution...
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