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Thread: Potentially for sale: Highly modified Nova

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    Potentially for sale: Highly modified Nova

    Hi all,
    My Nova is potentially up for sale.
    The majority of you will know the car already, I’ve added a photo of the car to this post, I will add more when I am on a laptop rather than a phone.

    The car is registered as a VW with no model stated on the logbook and as such has never caused me any issues.

    The last time I used the car it was running well; I parked it up and it wouldn’t restart, that’s still the situation now. The car may need an engine refurb or maybe a replacement may be easier but that would get it up and running quickly and at a relatively small cost.

    Everything on the car is highly modified. Take a look at my thread and you’ll see what I mean.
    The unique factor is a large part of the asking price, you won’t find another like this and it is for sure a love it or hate it car.

    It will need some attention to the engine and not a lot else to get it through a MOT and back on the road.
    There is excellent access to work on all parts of the car as the rear is open and the front is hinged.

    Goes without saying that it attracts an insane amount of attention wherever it goes.
    A couple of images are attached to this post. Please note, the photos attached are a couple of years old. I’m not with the car and other than some dirt and grime on the body from sitting, it hasn’t changed.
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