This event, billed as all the best bits from the Goodwood Members Meeting, Festival of Speed and Revival all rolled into one, is being held on Thursday 15th through to Sunday 18th October at the circuit. Naturally I knew nothing about this as I had pretty much written off this year for car events, but last Saturday I got a call from my friend Sean who had dropped by the circuit on his way back from Chichester, only to find masses of classic racing machinery out on the track, with free and unfettered access to the pit area and all the teams. Why don't I come down and take a look?

Not needing to be asked twice, I rolled out the Green Machine and blatted down to Goodwood, for me a journey of just over 20 miles. I arrived just after 3:30pm, and some of the machinery had already left, but I loved the casual atmosphere of the practice day, so reminiscent of when I used to visit Goodwood before it was restored - you would just turn up on-spec., and there would be a vintage Aston DB2/4, or a Ferrari 308 GTS doing practice laps.

This is what I saw this time...

A brace of Lola T70 Mk3s (love the crossram manifolds)

Surtees Can-Am Lola heading off for a another few laps...

The "Hairy Canary" off on another trip around the track. This car put in more laps than anyone else and sounded awesome as it went past the pits...

Lotus Elan Shapecraft (an aluminium fastback coupe roof grafted onto a standard Lotus Elan), all packed away in the back of a Mercedes Sprinter van! Says a lot about how big vehicles of today are. Or how small vehicles were back then

Sean's brother Simon managed to get down in his Porker. Run on a shoestring, the electronic ignition box is still working after my £28 high voltage capacitor repair. List price for a secondhand replacement? £500!!!

Suitably socially distant, what we think is a recent US import 911T. Very nice...

Team Mini Clubman packing up for the day. All breathed on by Swiftune, of course

Woody went almost as fast as the Hairy Canary. Breadvan styling actually helps the aerodynamics compared to a standard saloon, although the wood bits don't!

TVR Grantura was accompanied by a very rapid V8 Griffith - no pictures of that one sadly

Well-known BMW 2000 touring car.

With so few people around it was easy to maintain a safe distance. I was even roped into an impromptu interview and photo session by a chap starting his own Instagram site - Ted's Car Mag I think he called it. I don't do social media (only social distancing) so I don't think I will see any of the pictures myself, but he certainly took plenty of 'em!

Goodwood Speed Week is being held entirely behind closed doors, with live video stream and TV coverage on ITV4 on Friday and Saturday, so look out for it there. I felt very privileged to have been able to be there in person and experience some of the thrill of these powerful racing machines.

The Green Machine ran faultlessly there and back, averaging 33 mpg on mainly rural B-roads. Back to more mundane duties at the weekend, but looking forward to watching the livestream from Goodwood over the weekend.