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I see what you mean now - a SAAB 96 rear screen!

I wonder if the Ultima uses the same pattern???

£1k sounds pretty reasonable for a screen with heating elements. Adding the obscuration band to the Nova screen put me in the same price bracket. Do you think you will need the heating elements? A water heater would be significantly cheaper to install, and if the cabin ventilation is adequate, can be effective...
I do not think it is the same screen in the Ultima but It could be! I always assumed the screen on the Ultima was very cheap else why would Lee Nobel use such an ugly screen when he could have used the m6gtr or b16 screen. The heating elements were so useful on my old Mondeo that I have included them in the Piper screen, I think I would regret not getting them for the £150 extra they cost. Yes £1k is reasonable, but I have a Midtec screen so I thought I would try that first (and I can’t find the B16 screen dimensions to scale for the model anyway).