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Thread: Converting Nova to electric

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    Lightbulb Converting Nova to electric

    Hi everyone,

    Was wondering, did anyone hear anyone converting Nova Kit car to electric?

    Reason of asking is that recently I was thinking to acquire Nova kit car (with cahsis, probably without engine) and convert it to electrical car. As we all know it is revolution when it goes to electric cars and you can buy electric car after crash with all components (or at least majority of them) still intact. I know it would be LONG project as it is pioneer'ing in the field. Ideally it would be getting electric car and "planting" into Nova kit car. Donor car probably would be Nissan leaf, probably 1st gen as of price and simplicity of design comparing to tesla or other electric cars and spare part availability again due to being popular-ish car.
    Most important and probably critical point is that wondering how would it stand with DVLA, MOT, TAX'ing and so on?

    Additionally, how much (how war) can you go with putting parts from donor?

    I know, it would barely be NOVA after it is all finished but from what I see it would be brilliant chassis/body for the project.

    It sounds far fetched but I do not know where I could even start when it goes to modifications like this

    Appreciate all answers in advance.

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    Hi JuXas,
    I'd suggest you find yourself a Nova on a VW chassis that has a V5 document. Then find your electric motor, etc, and notify DVLA of the change of engine.
    Before doing so, it's probably worth contacting these guys who have convert all sorts of classic cars but have done several VW Beetles and I'm sure will be able to offer advice, and maybe help with the project if that's what you need.
    Good luck!

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    There was some discussion on this very subject here:
    "The most beautiful kit car in the world - Motor"

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